[ic] flex select freeze interchange

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Thu Jun 8 11:19:50 EDT 2006

interchange-users-bounces at icdevgroup.org wrote:
> By some days I've a really strange problem with a table.
> This table count more than 70000 record (but i've in other
> ic- installations bigger tables, also 1million of records),
> when I open the table with flex_select interchange loop and freeze!
> The mysql log say me that the query is:
> select * from generale
> (generale is obviously the criminal table) the mysql status
> say me that query is NOT in process, so I think that is not a problem
> of mysql. 
> The "top" utility show that the cpu is 100% and memory usage
> growth, growth, and growth to use all the physical memory and
> the swap.
> After 300 secs interchange kill the process
> I've ported the table to another installation and the
> flex_select works without problem.
> I've updated interchange to 5.4.1 and all the perl modules to
> the latest one.
> The only things that is not similar from the server that I
> use for this installation and the one that I've used in the
> only working test is the perl and mysql release...
> Someone have an idea of something that i'm making wrong?

Does flex_select freeze for the other tables in this catalog?

Can you install a fresh foundation on the same server you are having this
problem, and copy the table to that and see if it works? If it does not,
then I'd try first replacing the relevant pages in lib/UI/pages/admin
(possibly flex_select). Weird things can happen for whatever reason.

If it still does not, obviously it is likely your perl or mysql version and
out of my technical expertise.

However, on a large table, set it as so in catalog.cfg:

Database mytablename LARGE 1

Interchange will only show you input boxes to search it, instead of
returning all records. It may work and you can leave it at that.


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