[ic] Detecting a secure page

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Sun Jun 11 13:15:20 EDT 2006

> > I do use the Interchange::Link module and a non-standard IC catalog so
> > maybe that's why.  I could evaluate the first 5 characters on the
> > current URL to determine 'http:' or 'https'.  Does anyone know how to
> > do that in perl?
> That part of the URL is never actually sent to the webserver, the
> browser uses it to determine which protocol to use and what port to
> connect to and then discards it.
> All of the above methods rely in some form or another on the web server
> setting an environment variable to indicate whether the connection is
> secure or not.  It's very possible that the webserver could be
> configured to not set the environment variable.  This tends to explain
> why different people have had luck with different environment variables.
> Some other things to try:
> If you use a different domain name for secure connections than insecure
> connections you can check the HTTP_HOST environment variable to see
> which domain was called.

It's the same domain.

> As a last ditch method and one that should always work, you can set your
> own environment variable to indicate whether the connection is secure or
> not in your web server's configuration file, you could put:
> SetEnv SECURE 1
> ...in the virtual host section for your https connections, then test for
> that environment variable inside Interchange.

I put that line in the VirtualHost block of the
41_mod_ssl.default-vhost.conf file and restarted apache2 but [env
SECURE] returns nothing via http or https.

> Peter

- Grant

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