[ic] Logging slow pages

Bill Carr bill at worldwideimpact.com
Mon Jun 12 21:41:24 EDT 2006

On Jun 12, 2006, at 9:17 PM, Andrew Rich wrote:

> Hi Bill
> Just thought I would look at your webpage since you included the link!
> When I went to products, then clicked on the click 'HERE' for  
> 'Bottlenose
> Wine & Spirits Website' there was a problem with the next page.
> It appears the dot points under 'Included Site Features' have been  
> truncated
> at the start.
> I am using IE6
Thanks. Will check it out. Damn IE ;-) I'm on a Mac.

And thanks to Racke for his tip. I did this:
AutoLoad <<EOA
[perl global=1]
     $Tmp->{StartTime} = time;

AutoEnd <<EOA
[perl global=1]
     use Data::Dumper;
     my $long_page_time = $Variable->{LONG_PAGE_TIME} || 5;
     my $page_time = time - $Tmp->{StartTime};
     if ($page_time >= $long_page_time) {
	::logDebug(qq{Slow page: $Variable->{IC_CATALOG}/$Global::Variable-> 
{MV_PAGE}, Time: $page_time, remote_host: $CGI::remote_addr, CGI:} .  

I still have the same old problems I have always had when I run in  
RPC mode. That is what started making my stuff run slow and why I  
wanted to add this code. I keep searching the archives and come up  
with posts I made 4 years ago. This time while running in RPC mode  
each of my four web servers got into heavy CPU load. I had to kill  
off and restart interchange to make them calm back down.  Sorry for  
rambling. I will pay someone money to figure this out. We need to run  
RPC mode because we have been experiencing intermittent PGP failures.  
It seems the only way to fix those is to run RPC but RPC is breaking  
other stuff for us.

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