[ic] Logging slow pages

Daniel Collis-Puro dan at endpoint.com
Thu Jun 15 11:19:32 EDT 2006

Bill Carr wrote:
> I have not seen the problem for 24+ hours. It looks like it worked.
> Thanks.
So - assuming the smooth sailing holds out, the reason this worked is
this: There are specific cases where, on malformed ITL, Vend::Parser
will get itself into an infinite loop.

The recent Vend::Parser fix I headed up (with feedback from Jon Jensen)
fixes this problem.

If anyone is seeing problems with locked-up IC children, I suggest using
the latest Vend::Parser out of CVS with abandon- it should be safe going
WAY back into the mists of IC history.  Make sure to keep your old
Vend/Parser.pm just in case it isn't.


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