[ic] Logging slow pages

Daniel Collis-Puro dan at endpoint.com
Thu Jun 15 14:31:18 EDT 2006

Bill Carr wrote:
> Thanks again Dan. Would it be hard to make the new Vend::Parser log
> the malformed ITL so we could clean up our stuff?
> Bill
To me, the stuff in Vend::Parse* approaches black magic. It might be
easy for someone to figure out the right place to log malformed ITL, but
I don't have any smart ideas right now. I'd suggest looking at
Vend::Parse if you're looking to do that, though.

Once I isolated where the bug was happening, I really only dug into
Vend::Parser. Vend::Parser is responsible for splitting up pages and
content into "tokens", it's only vaguely aware of ITL as a structure.
Putting aside any other munging, invalid ITL will get returned as plain
text to the page by the fixed Vend::Parser.


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