[ic] Detecting a secure page

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 12:55:43 EDT 2006

> > Tried your patch and it's looking good. Now i have got a little more env
> > variables, especially HTTPS. [env] returns now:
> > ----start----
> > [snip: env dump shows more variables, but still not all]
> > -----end-----
> >
> > There are disadvantages with this patched Link.pm ?
> >
> Not that I can think of.  Well, Grant reported that the patch killed
> his setup, but it could possibly be a typo in his manual application
> of the patch.  Grant - can you double-check your patched Link.pm for
> typos.
> I modified the patch slightly, to remove duplicate variables (assuming
> that there could be duplicates), and sent it to Grant to try.  I've
> copied it below if you want to try it as well:

[patch snipped]

I tested the new patch and I'm very happy to report it is working
great.  It does not seem to cause any problems with my store, the
extra ENV variables are being set, and HTTPS detection is working
great.  I still can't use [if session shost] but the other methods of
detection are working.  Thank you very much for fixing
Interchange::Link and I suggest the changes are merged with the
Link.pm in CVS.

Racke mentions here:


that "querying CGI::secure fails sometimes" so he evaluates the HTTPS
ENV variable directly.  I guess I'll go ahead and do that.  Any reason
I shouldn't?

- Grant

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