[ic] Custom shipping help

David Bordas bordas at testadaz.com
Sun Jun 18 09:58:02 EDT 2006

Kevin Walsh a écrit :
> I find it easier to use the "new" format, and edit to the shipping.asc
> file with a text editor, such as vi.  I don't use the admin UI for
> shipping.  The shipping rules don't tend to change that often anyway
> (only the prices).  You can define and use variables for the prices,
> such as __NORMAL_SHIP_COST__, or whatever.
> I haven't looked at your modified shipping rules properly.  It's
> usually best to experiment with them on a test setup, as you don't
> know whether they'll work the way you want until you try them out.
> The rules I posted were really to just give you a starting point.
> Your cascade from "free_or_normal" to "normal" seems redundant but,
> as I said, I haven't looked at it properly.
Yes, new format is easier to understand that the old one.
And yes i know "vi" and i can modify shipping with it :)

Thank you for your patience and your explanations :)

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