[ic] search engine indexing scan/ MM=0f73bb47ac44f4e422.....

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Mon Jun 19 09:07:25 EDT 2006

>You only just noticed the problem after your upgrade to 5.4, but I
>can assure you that it would have been exactly the same before you
>upgraded. :-)

Actually, I don't have any scans that return large amounts of data, 
so have never seen the MM= I did a little research and found the culprit.

The advanced search page allows an empty search to return the entire 
database (should it?)

Anyhow, for now, this is solved by setting a couple of flags, as 
mentioned previously in the thread.

at the top of advancedsearch.html

[tmp matchlimit]50[/tmp]
[if mv_tmp_session]
  [tmp matchlimit]10000[/tmp]

down in the search specification:
<input type=text name=se size=20>
                         <input type=hidden name=st value=db>
                         <input type=hidden name=co value=1>
         <input type=hidden name=ml value=[scratch 

I would rather not return any data, but haven't had the time to 
research this yet.


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