[ic] QuickBooks Module and SKU/REFNUM

Thomas J.M. Burton tom at globalfocusdm.com
Tue Jun 20 12:43:05 EDT 2006

Hello everyone,

I'm working on setting up the IC QuickBooks module for a client of mine. 
The main issue I'm encounterin at this point is the  SKU/REFNUM 
situation (using non-numeric SKUs, not allowed as REFNUM). Changing the 
SKUs of the entire catalog is not feasible for various reasons, and it 
seems that a better option would be to add a qb_refnum field to the 
products table.

In trying to set this up, I've found that it's not as straightforward as 
I thought it would be. I've added the field to the products and 
inventory tables, and inserted numeric-only refnums for all products. 
Then in the QB Admin Export Items page I mapped SKU to CUSTFLD1 and 
mapped qb_refnum to REFNUM, but this results in an IIF file with nothing 
in the REFNUM column for some of the items (some work fine with the 
qb_refnum field ending up in the REFNUM column).

I also get messages like "update TABLE set qb_refnum = 020085 where 
qb_refnum = 'non-numeric-sku'", which doesn't make sense to me since the 
value in the qb_refnum fiels is numeric-only and what's being displayed 
in that message is actually the value of the sku field.

I realize there will also need to be some revision to the code that 
generates the IIFs for orders. I'm wondering if anyone has made these 
changes or could offer some help in getting everything changed to work 
this way.

I was thinking that, if possible, a catalog variable to designate which 
field should be used for REFNUM throughout the QB module might be a 
clean way of doing this, rather than hard-coding for the field name I've 

If anyone can provide some help with this, I'd really appreciate it. 
I've been over and over the code in the quickbooks usertags and it seems 
I'm overlooking or missing something.


I'm using the most recent version of the QuickBooks module I could find 
as of Feb 2006 and...

Server Info:
   Interchange 5.0
   Mandrake Linux/6.3.92mdk


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