[ic] Matrix options and set_row possible bug?

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Wed Jun 21 22:15:40 EDT 2006

Ok, I've been having problems with trying to use Matrix options on my IC 
5.2 core/4.9 foundation based catalogs (with a fair bit of 
customization).  Anyways, I'll list the symptoms of the problem first, 
then show you what else I've discovered in my attempts at solving the 

I can change a given item to Matrix Options but can't generate the 
variants with the "Create all possible combinations" button in the UI. 
Also items that are set to matrix options cannot be added to a shopping 
cart (this last symptom may just be because there are no variants for 
the item and so IC can't find a varyant to add to the cart).

Checking the error log I get the following when I click on the "Create 
all possible combinations" button: jqJXiIfA: - [21/June/2006:18:38:03 -0700] 
mr-s /cgi-bin/mr-s/admin/item_option_old.html Safe: DBD::Pg::st execute 
failed: ERROR:  null value in
  column "sku" violates not-null constraint

...followed by a long block of code which is the [perl] block contained 
in the [if cgi explode] block in the file 

If I then click on the "Create all possible combinations" button again I 
get no errors at all and the item gets set back to simple options.

So I turned debugging on, added in/uncommented a number of Debug() and 
::logDebug() lines and eventually narrowed the problem down to the 
Vend::Table::DBI::set_row sub.  I uncommented all the ::logDebug() lines 
in the set_row sub and got the following output in my debug log (when I 
click on "Create all possible combinations"):

Vend::Table::DBI:debug: set_row fields='HT148-NoChoice-NoChoice,,,,,,,,,'
Vend::Table::DBI:debug: set_row query=INSERT INTO options VALUES (?, ?, 
?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)
Vend::Table::DBI:debug: set_row fields='HT148-NoChoice-NoChoice,,,,,,,,,'
Safe: DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR:  null value in column "sku" 
violates not-null constraint

...same long block of code as before here.

 From what I can tell, there is just one field in the @fields array 
which marks all the rest as undefined and DBI interprets the undefined 
value as NULL, so DBI is setting all those ? placeholders (barring the 
first) to NULL in an insert statement.  This clashes with the NOT NULL 
field constraints in the options table.

I realise that I can probably work around this by removing the NOT NULL 
constraints from the fields, but I'd really rather fix this problem 
properly.  Unfortunately it looks like this may be a problem (bug?) in 
the set_row sub and it will require a significant rewrite to fix it.  I 
simply do not know the code well enough to be able to rewrite it without 
worrying about breaking some other compatibility elsewhere.


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