[ic] Perl and Threading

Henry Hartley henryhartley at westat.com
Fri Jun 23 10:17:59 EDT 2006

Kevin Walsh
>> "Henry Hartley" <henryhartley at westat.com> wrote:
>> > If I spent the time to get used to Gentoo, it would probably
>> > be worth the effort but I've been doing things "The Red Hat
>> > Way" for so long, it's hard to switch.
>> > 
>> All of my machines run Gentoo.  Gentoo is one of the only major
>> distros that supplies an unthreaded Perl unless you instruct it
>> otherwise.  You get a lot of control over the way things are built
>> and installed with Gentoo.
>> Ok, ok.  I'll stop banging that drum now. :-)

I actually went through the process of getting a Gentoo machine
running recently and it wasn't as hard as I expected.  The Gentoo
Handbook is quite thorough and well written.  Once I had it running
I wasn't really sure what I had installed but I suspect more reading
and a little digging would have solved that problem.  

Here's a suggestion to the Gentoo users out there.  Write up and
place in the Interchange documentation the necessary steps for
taking a Gentoo installation and turning it into a Interchange ready
server.  Here's an outline for you (at no charge):

  A) Get the Handbook here and follow the instructions through
     section A.  Note that [here] you need to choose [this] option
     and [there] you need to choose [that] option.  That is, if
     there are any special settings that need to (or should) be
     made, note them here.

  B) Read sections B and C of the Handbook so you understand Portage
     and the emerge tool.  I'd say this is fairly important.  Really
     encourage people not to skip it.

  C) Install the following packages... This is the heart of the new
     document and where the work lies.  Make note of any settings that
     are different from the default.  Make note of various options.

  D) Configure Interchange, etc... This document could tie into the
     existing Interchange documentation here.

  E) To maintain this machine... Either point to existing Gentoo
     documentation or create some.

It's just a thought.  If I knew what I was doing, I'd volunteer.  But
at this point, I don't.  If someone wants to take a stab at this, I'd
be willing to be their guinea pig and run through the steps.


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