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Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Fri Jun 23 11:14:25 EDT 2006

"Henry Hartley" <henryhartley at westat.com> wrote:
> I actually went through the process of getting a Gentoo machine
> running recently and it wasn't as hard as I expected.  The Gentoo
> Handbook is quite thorough and well written.  Once I had it running
> I wasn't really sure what I had installed but I suspect more reading
> and a little digging would have solved that problem.  
> Here's a suggestion to the Gentoo users out there.  Write up and
> place in the Interchange documentation the necessary steps for
> taking a Gentoo installation and turning it into a Interchange ready
> server.  Here's an outline for you (at no charge):
>   A) Get the Handbook here and follow the instructions through
>      section A.  Note that [here] you need to choose [this] option
>      and [there] you need to choose [that] option.  That is, if
>      there are any special settings that need to (or should) be
>      made, note them here.
>   B) Read sections B and C of the Handbook so you understand Portage
>      and the emerge tool.  I'd say this is fairly important.  Really
>      encourage people not to skip it.
There's not a lot you have to remember in there, unless you want
to do something unusual.  Mostly, I just run the same command
over and over again to update packages, as required.  See "E".

>   C) Install the following packages... This is the heart of the new
>      document and where the work lies.  Make note of any settings that
>      are different from the default.  Make note of various options.
I was thinking about creating an Interchange ebuild for dependencies,
similar to Mike's CPAN bundle.  I could create an Interchange ebuild,
but IC packages tend to assume that you have one Interchange instance
per machine.  I don't work that way, so I wouldn't be a good person
to build and maintain an ebuild like that.  If I created a dependency
ebuild, then any Interchange ebuild could depend upon that instead of
listing its own package dependencies.

>   D) Configure Interchange, etc... This document could tie into the
>      existing Interchange documentation here.
I use the tar install for Interchange.  The instructions will be
the same as for any distro.

>   E) To maintain this machine... Either point to existing Gentoo
>      documentation or create some.
I tend to just use this:

    emerge --ask --update --deep --newuse world

That will list any outdated packages, and prompt (Y/N) if you want
to install them.

If libraries are updated, then the "--deep" will usually take care
of dependencies.  You are sometimes prompted to run "revdep-rebuild"
to rebuild packages that have outdated library dependencies.  I tend
to run the following, every now and again, to be safe - especially if
a library is updated and I didn't notice a prompt:

    revdep-rebuild --pretend

That will list outdated packages that have have outdated library
dependencies.  Run it again, without the "--pretend", if packages
are listed, and you want to rebuild them.

> It's just a thought.  If I knew what I was doing, I'd volunteer.  But
> at this point, I don't.  If someone wants to take a stab at this, I'd
> be willing to be their guinea pig and run through the steps.
Perhaps the next time I install a Gentoo box, from scratch, that's
destined to be an Interchange server, I'll write up the process.

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