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Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Fri Jun 23 14:14:37 EDT 2006

Steve Graham <icdev at mrlock.com> wrote:
> perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::InterchangeKitchenSink'
> ** you get a bunch of prompts, just make your best decision - I 
> accepted the defaults
> ** and all went well.
I prefer to use the individual module packages on Gentoo, rather than
the CPAN bundle, as that makes it easier to keep the modules up to date.

The next time I need to install them, I'll make a "bundle" ebuild
that does nothing except depend upon the modules required for
Interchange.  There could either be two bundles, or a single bundle
with some sort of "kitchensink" USE flag.  If I don't get to install
a new server in the next few months, or if I get a bundle of spare time,
I'll create the ebuild anyway and get it into the official Gentoo Portage
package list.

The bundle could look at your other USE flags and require other packages,
such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and Apache etc., as appropriate.  That would
make it a lot easier to get a Gentoo system up and ready to accept an
Interchange installation.

As I probably said before, I'd stop short of creating an Interchange
ebuild, as that type of installation wouldn't be appropriate for me.
Others would be welcome to create and maintain a package like that,
and could depend upon my ebuild if they wanted to.

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