[ic] Menus and category list in 5.4.1

Bob Puff bob at nleaudio.com
Tue Jun 27 01:17:58 EDT 2006

Hi Gang,

Thanks to the recent poster, I got the perl problems straightened out. 
It seems that perl didn't install the gdbm code, which it had compiled. 

Anyway, I'm messing with a 5.4.1 "standard" catalog, and have some 

How do I get back the left-hand product tree?  I'm looking for one that 
doesn't expand, but has the various indented lines.

Also, there seems to be a glaring bug that also exists in the online 
demo.  If you go to Content, then edit say index.html, click on 
Components, then under the Component Product_tree Tree Name, you select 
a given menu, that is NOT the menu displayed!  It is off by one.

And a last question: why on earth would the content editing be hidden by 
default?  Editing pages I would think is one of the most basic things 
people would want to do.


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