[ic] Stupid limits

Elver Loho elver.loho at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 04:40:46 EST 2006


We've been using a flat tab-separated text file for translations so
far. Since we're expanding, we want to move to a database-based
localization system.

There are some problems, however.

Thing is, we created a table for localization in MySQL and populated
it with a mixture of latin1 and utf8-encoded strings from the current
translation system. It had the needed fields. When interchange was
configured to use it, it _completely changed the structure of the

The code field was limited to 16 characters -- a limitation not part
of the flat text file and which caused some fields to be truncated.
Furthermore, it seems that interchange also messed up the character
set encodings of various fields.

So, should we just keep on using the current system? Or is there a fix for this?


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