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Fri Mar 3 08:07:09 EST 2006

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> > >  Hi All,
> > >
> > >  In my products table, Administrater can enter two prices for a 
> > > product one is  product price the other is sampleprice. User can 
> > > either buy a product or a sample of it for trial.
> > >
> > >  But when the user click on a sample product then i want 
> to display 
> > > sample  price in cart instead of original product price 
> is added in 
> > > cart.
> > >
> > > Kindly help me in this regard.
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> > >  Thanks & Regards,
> > >  Shuchi
> > >
> >
> > Just as a suggestion, I have never done that, but why not 
> use options 
> > for this?
> >
> > Maybe someone can help by confirming this: Can we set an 
> option price 
> > to a negative price (-20.00)?
> >
> > Then you could make lets say a product SKU SOFTWARE-001 for $50.00 
> > with sample/Demo option with price difference of -20.00, so 
> it should 
> > show as $30.00 in your cart.
> >
> > Martin H.
> > N.E.S.T. Solutions
> >
> >
> >
> Hi
> Sorry for my much delayed response.
> I am very new to the interchange. I dont have any idea how to 
> use Option table in the interchange for calculating sample 
> price. I have tried to search the same in archives but no 
> avail. Could yo please explain me in detail or provide me the 
> link where i can get help.
> Thanks,
> Shuchi

Hi Shuchi,

If you look at the demo catalog, you will find that some items have 
some options, such as for example, the main item is a knife for lets 
say $10.00, and when you add it to your cart, you have different blades 
in an option box ( steel, stainless, titanium, etc..), and each option 
costs either less or more money.

Find an item with options in the demo catalog, take the SKU from it, and

go check out the "Options" table in the UI Tables tab.

You will find that options are associated to SKU, and so they appear
a client adds an item to their cart. Look at the way the option is set, 
and you will be able to make options for your purpose.

For options for your software, you could want to do this for example:

Software Blah Blah Std English Demo = $25.00
Software Blah Blah Std English = $100.00
Software Blah Blah Std English Professional = $150.00

So in your options, you will make the 3 options, based on the SKU item 
you use, and use the price differences for your options.

Note: You might want to look at the Matrix (Make an item, then click on
as if you wanted to edit it and then select "Options" in the tabs above.
This Matrix will allow you to quickly generate items for the various 
versions of software/items you have, and then you have an actual 
"item" for each of your bundles: You might need that if you need to 
use different download links for each package.

Hope this will help you

Martin H.
N.E.S.T. Solutions

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