[ic] UTF-8 in MySQL

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Tue Mar 7 10:40:53 EST 2006

Quoting Elver Loho (elver.loho at gmail.com):
> What I need documentation on is how to tell Interchange to send 'set
> names utf8' (or the other string) to MySQL before selecting anything
> from there.

Documentation doesn't exist because the capability does not exist. It
would be ridiculous to require a pre-query for every query to a database,
which is why this hasn't come up in 8 years of Interchange supporting
SQL databases.

> And then it will have to either internally convert some
> fields to latin1 OR it can use 'select cast' which can take care of
> that as well.
> Well, basically, it'd be cool if I could write the query for the
> locale database myself. How can I do that with Interchange?
> > Which software versions do you use (MySQL, Perl, DBI, DBD::mysql) ?
> 4.1, 5.8.6, 1.50, 3.0002(?)

If they really did require a pre-query to return the proper data, it
sounds like MySQL has changed the rules in a big way. I would be extremely
surprised if this was really required.

There must be a way to prevent it from munging this data without having
to have a pre-query every time. Have you looked at DBI and MySQL
documentation about this?

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