[ic] UTF-8 in MySQL

JT Justman jt-lists at sirius.airdelights.com
Tue Mar 7 12:25:27 EST 2006

Steve Graham wrote:
>> > 4.1, 5.8.6, 1.50, 3.0002(?)
>> If they really did require a pre-query to return the proper data, it
>> sounds like MySQL has changed the rules in a big way. I would be
>> extremely
>> surprised if this was really required.
>> There must be a way to prevent it from munging this data without having
>> to have a pre-query every time. Have you looked at DBI and MySQL
>> documentation about this?
>> -- 
> 2 cents - I just tried upgrading a 4.0 Mysql server to 4.1, and it
> didn't go so well so I fell back to the previous installation.
> From what I read, I will be waiting on 5.x before I try it again.  (All
> this is from a Gentoo enviro)

Well, while we're at it - I've been running 4.1.x for six months or so.
I installed to my Centos/Fedora servers by building SRPMs. So far it's
been rock solid with our catalog, and didn't require any changes to my
catalog or to IC. I also connect our back office via SSL, where several
other apps share the catalog DB, and that has gone nicely.


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