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Tue Mar 7 18:57:09 EST 2006

Hi all IC developers,

I use IC since 2001 and have dozens of web sites using this technology, but I'm starting to have some doubts about IC reliability regarding big databases.

I have some tables (.txt and .gdbm) which I customized for a web site content management solution. Some of these tables have now more or less 1000 records and sometimes when I add a new record using IC Admin other records disappear (random - disappear from the .gdbm and sometimes from the .txt).

I posted a question to this mailling list about the HOT directive in the declaration of databases in the dbconf folder and Mike Heins responded: "HOT just means that the database will be automatically opened every time. IC will not instead build the normal dummy object that is only fully instantiated when an attempt is made to access the tables."

Is my problem related to the HOT directive or simply the IC .txt/.gdbm sync can not handle big databases ? Does someone experienced similar problemas ?

Know, I'm upgrading my solution to use MySQL but I fear that, since IC Admin syncs Mysql tables with .txt, my problem persists.

Thank you in advance any help.

Antonio Lima

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