[ic] Default language

Gert van der Spoel ic at 3edge.com
Wed Mar 8 14:33:04 EST 2006

Elver Loho writes: 

> Hiya! 
> catalog.cfg has the following: 
> # Last locale specified is the default.
> Locale          en_US LC_CTYPE C
> Locale en_US currency_symbol
> LocaleDatabase  locale
> DefaultLocale en_US
> ScratchDefault mv_locale en_US 
> Situation: The language variable is set to 'rus'. On the page there
> exists [L code]blah[/L] In the database for the entry 'code' we have
> en_US='foobar' but no 'rus'. 
> What we want: It should fall back to the en_US field for 'code' and
> therefore display 'foobar'. 
> What it does: Is fall back to the string between the L tags and it
> displays 'blah'. 
> I hope that was more clear.

Yes it was and in the current IC code this is not how appears to be solved. 
It falls back to the message in between the [L] [/L] .. 

Your theory I think is having a point, that you would perhaps expect to fall 
back to the DefaultLocale. 

This could be done by patching lib/Vend/Util.pm. Because of lack of time 
here's how I did it (no warranties whatsoever :)): 

search for the first [L  - you should get to the following line:
$$r =~ s~\[L(\s+([^\]]+))?\]([\000-\377]*?)\[/L\]~ 

The block in this area I have changed to: 

               my ($key,$trans);
               $$r =~ s~\[L(\s+([^\]]+))?\]([\000-\377]*?)\[/L\]~
                       $key = $2 || $3;
                       if (defined 
$Vend::Cfg->{Locale_repository}{($Vend::Cfg->{DefaultLocale})}{$key}) {
                               $trans = 
                       else {
                               $trans = $3;
                       defined $Vend::Cfg->{Locale}{$key} ?  
($Vend::Cfg->{Locale}{$key}) : $trans ~eg; 

I'm sure someone can do this much more elegantly to find the default 
translation for something and use that instead of the message. 



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