[ic] How to create delimted text file for each order

DB DB at m-and-d.com
Fri Mar 10 12:10:12 EST 2006

Hi - I spent some time searching the archives and docs but I'm still in
need of some help. I'm running IC 5.4.0

When an order is placed, I'd like to have a tab-delimited text file
created and stored on the IC server with the order number as the
filename (for example 1000.txt). The file should use following format
where {tab} and {lf} indicate where I want tabs and newlines to be.
Obviously this file contains data from both the transactions and
orderline tables.


This is a very simple example, but if I could see how to do this then
I'm sure I could build on the example to include more information in the
file. Any hints are welcomed!


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