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Sebastian Kliess sebastian.kliess at mbs-medical.de
Tue Mar 14 03:58:55 EST 2006

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> Next, IC is largely unsupported. If you look in the mailing 
> list archives, there are tons of serious questions which 
> remain without answer. The other IRC channel is mostly dead.

we are running IC since 2 years without any downtime and we have really no
open questions - the only open questions I know are silly 

> Then, IC is not really documented. Since when I follow IC, 
> there has been zero visible progress on the docs.

that is true - but reading the code helps!

And did you ever read the documentation of systems like websphere or
vignette? They wrote tons of documentation and you need minimum 6 month to
be productive. Then you are happy with the IC core documentation.

> Take an unsupportive mailing list plus zero docs, and you 
> come to think that IC is actually a closed-shop solution.

maybe the problem is that you compare IC with "shops", for us it is a
professional application server (and I know Microsoft Commerce Server,
Websphere, Vignette, Notes, ...)

Cheers, Sebastian

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