[ic] "High traffic list" - ramblings on Interchange

Sandy Thomson sandy at scotwebshops.com
Tue Mar 14 10:18:06 EST 2006

JT Justman wrote:
> Hey, thanks for this Davor. I've been saying for years, 'coulda shoulda
> woulda' about helping with the docs. Unfortunately I've also never taken
> the plunge into CVS, despite all the fine documentation to help me.
> Maybe a few emails a week will push me in : )
> JT

Maybe some form of community wiki might be useful, parallel to the 
I would certainly contribute where I could if weren't any barriers to 
stop me doing so (CVS or login credentials etc).

The content may be rougher around the edges, but a lot of the time it is 
things like code snippets and examples that new users are looking for?


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