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Brian Ellis bellis at saberlogic.com
Tue Mar 14 08:43:48 EST 2006

Brian Ellis
Saberlogic - Consultant

>>>Next, IC is largely unsupported. If you look in the mailing list
>>>archives, there are tons of serious questions which remain without
>>>answer. The other IRC channel is mostly dead.

One thing that would help me is if the IRC channel did not auto kick. I did notice now the FreeNode IRC channel which does not kick which is nice, but for the main IRC channel if I didn't have a question to ask I would like to be able to be available to answer other peoples questions from time to time. I used to be on there quite often, but having to re-connect is quite frustrating. And for the user who has a question, you can log onto the IRC channel and nobody with any experience is available to answer a question because to do so they would have to leave their IRC client idle. 

Beyond that, I agree that additional documentation would be ideal but unfortunately IC experiences the same problems of any open source software. All of the glory goes to the coder and documentation goes largely unnoticed or people simply write it off despite all of the hard work that has gone into existing documentation. I think the problem (and it is not necessarily a problem) is that the codebase is changing so rapidly now that it is more difficult to ensure that all of the tags are properly documented. I began using IC several years ago and the codebase was much more static, but recently it has been growing so fast that it is hard to keep up with. You compare what I was able to do previously... 

http://www.cushiheel.com/ ( http://www.cushiheel.com/cgi-bin/cushiheel/index.html ) 

To what you can do now with IC... 

http://www.footpetals.com/ ( http://www.footpetals.com/cgi-bin/footpetals/index.html ) 

And the difference is night and day. That being said, I still find the best resource is to google through the mailing list archives. Despite its shortcomings, I still find IC to be the best open source e-Commerce solution available today. 


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