[ic] Frustrates Interchange user (newby)

Gert van der Spoel ic at 3edge.com
Thu Mar 16 02:13:22 EST 2006

Cliff Browning writes: 

> I have three immediate problems  - after they are solved there will 
> probably be more that I can't even get to. 
> 1. I updated the "Index.html" saved and published . The changes never show 
> up - the tutorial script continues to show on the first page.  I checked 
> the index .html file and all is like I changed  - it just doesn't update.

If you go (using the Interchange Admin):
* Content->[pick index.html]
* make a change to content
* press OK
 it should probably show:
  Name: index.html
  Source: pages/index.html
     Changed ui_body_text   (this shows in green)
* press Publish 

Things should be live now. If it doesn't show, you could see if perhaps disk 
caching is causing you to see the previous file? 

> 2. basically the same problem - updating - I uploaded my product.txt file 
> - it worked fine first time.. Found some errors so I re did the file and 
> uploaded it again. The left page menu never updated it still tries to find 
> the old data which is non-existent - now I have no link to the other 
> pages..

Perhaps also a caching problem? 

You could see if there is anything in your errorlog:
Administration->Info->Location of Error Logs 

(this link does not work on demo.icdevgroup.org so hopefully it does work in 
your site, if not let me know) 

> 3.  Along a similar line..  Can not get the pages to link to the thumbnail 
> files.   At one time I found the path for the thumbnails but have not been 
> able to find that page again  - have the regular images doing fine.

Items->[pick a sku]->Images 

Should show 'thumb' where you can upload a thumbnail. But how/what exactly 
are you doing to link to thumbnail files? 

> I am about ready to trash Interchange I can't find any thing to document 
> how to fix these problems and it just isn't working for me. 

Up to you :) A lot of questions are answered before on this mailinglist and 
various hints are given on solving 1 and 2 ... Perhaps not very easy to find 
those that's true. 

Try a different piece of software, find other problems ... And also here 
Murpy's theories will apply that your problem is never the problem of others 



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