[ic] XHTML and UrlJoiner or UrlSepChar

Toni Mueller support-ic at oeko.net
Sun Mar 19 15:56:07 EST 2006


in XHTML, query strings must not be separated with plain ampersands,
but with '&' instead (if not with other characters). Using plain
'&' while serving application/xhtml+xml yields an XML parsing error in
Gecko browsers. There is an attempt to set the value to '&' in the
IC 5.4 core, in lib/Vend/Config.pm, line 3529ff:

if($val eq '&') {
	$Global::UrlJoiner = $Global::Variable->{MV_HTML4_COMPLIANT} ?  '&' : '&';
	$Global::UrlSplittor = qr/\&/;

This is the only instance of MV_HTML4_COMPLIANT in the whole IC core.
I think this variable should be settable on a per-page basis, but so
far couldn't get it to be set to '&'. What I tried:

In 'interchange.cfg':

UrlSepChar & (results in an error message, Interchange does not

Variable UrlSepChar	&   (work like a NOP anyway)

In 'catalog.cfg':

Variable UrlSepChar	&   (works like a NOP, too)
Variable UrlJoiner	&   (works like a NOP, too)

despite seeing them set to '&' in catalog.structure.

What gives?


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