[ic] Help Pease.... Some Queries on Interchange

music at labyrinth.net.au music at labyrinth.net.au
Fri Mar 24 04:41:08 EST 2006

>      I would like to know whether the International
> Shippment is taken care by Interchange or not ? If
> yes, then how ??? and If no then what are the ways
> that we can do International Shipping ??

I know what you are getting at - at first glance it appears as if US 
shipping only is supported.

That is only the case in the default example store templates.

In a nutshell what you will need to do is set your country as the 'default' 
shipping country.

You might then look at the US shipping tables and copy/modify them to create 
your own custom shipping routines based on the country code selected. You 
can also customise shipping based on your own states/territories - and set 
these to be calculated by weight or price etc

Have a close look at shipping.asc, country.asc and the related checkout 
include files.

Customise to suit you or your clients needs.

> Do you have
> any referal sites that can help me suggest some
> shipment to be done internationally?

grep is one of your best friends using interchange.

Create a new shipping method - for your default country as a starting point.

>            I would also like to know If InterChange
> offers a return merchandise feature?

Yes, the default store has RA functionality included (which you can expand 
upon to suit your specific needs)

> If InterChange
> offers a way to turn off international order
> functionality ??

Absolutely - you can have a message appear when someone chooses another 
country "We do not currently ship to this location. Or you could remove all 
countries except for the ones you ship to so the customer cannot choose any 
other country other than default. (not pretty)  Or when specific countries 
are selected you could display a telegraphic transfer payment option as the 
only payment method etc etc

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