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Thu Mar 23 15:17:20 EST 2006


I have several IC database questions, I hope they 
don't seem too rudimentary.

I have been using InterChange v5.2 with the 
default database and have relied heavily on the 
"Admin Interface" for editing any of the data 
tables.  Recently I installed v5.4 using MySQL 
with the "foundation demo" on a test server and 
wanted to quickly edit the "Product Groups" and 
"Categories".  However, in the Admin Interface > 
Table Manager I no longer see "area (Category 
Groups/Placement)" and "cat (Categories)" which is 
where I had always made these edits.

What is the easiest way to edit/add/delete the 
"Product Group" and "Category" in v5.4 using 

Additionally, I was wondering if there is any 
existing info on converting a store and it's 
product data that was created using the "default 
database" to MySQL?  If not would someone care to 
provide an explaination of the path-of-least-
resistance to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance,
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