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Daniel Davenport DDavenport at newagedigital.com
Sat Mar 25 21:33:46 EST 2006


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> Subject: [ic] Login?
> Im trying to do mouseover functions in my  store, But its not 
> worrking Right, Am I doing something Wrong?
> [if session logged_in]
>     <td><a href="[area logout]" 
> onmouseout="turn_off('menu_b2b')" 
> onmouseover="turn_over('menu_b2b')"><img name="menu_b2b" 
> src="/foundation/images/menu_b2b.gif" alt="Log Out" 
> width="71" height="25" border="0"></a></td>
>     [else]
>     <td><a href="[area login]"  
> onmouseout="turn_off('menu_b2')" 
> onmouseover="turn_over('menu_b2')"><img name="menu_b2" 
> src="/foundation/images/menu_b2.gif" alt="Log In" width="58" 
> height="25" border="0"></a></td> [/else]
>     [/if]

Sometimes, [if session logged_in] doesn't like to work for me.  In fact,
it hardly ever works for some reason.  So, i tend to use [if session
username] instead.  There should only be a username in the session if
the user managed to log in, right?  :)

Daniel Davenport
New Age Digital

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