[ic] I need your suggestion

Georg Brugger georg.brugger at edienste.de
Sat Mar 25 05:31:49 EST 2006


again I need your suggestion.

My problem, depending on the salestax of the product I need to calculate 7%
or 16%. I inserted in my products.txt a colum setting each entry to 16 or 7.
I found in the foundation shop (templates/components/results_buylist the
entry to check the inventory.

Based on this example I inserted in my code the following piece of code.

      my $x = q{[item-data products MwStIndex]};
      my $y = q{[item-subtotal]};
      $s = $x * $y * 0.01;
      $Scratch->{MwStSumme} = $Scratch->{MwStSumme} + $s;
      return $s;

It seems to work fine, as long as item-subtotal is below 1000 Euro. If it is
higher them the result value is only 1/1000. Example 0.16 instead of 160.

Any idea of what is wrong. To be honest I don't know q{...} is used for in

Thank you very much for help

Best Regards


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