[ic] setup time

Gert van der Spoel ic at 3edge.com
Sun Mar 26 14:57:00 EST 2006

Ryan Perry writes: 

> Can someone give an estimate (range?) on how much time it takes to  set up 
> Interchange for a store with 200+ products in 12 categories?   Thanks! 
> Ryan

You're asking from the point of someone who knows no programming, has never 
installed something in his lige and thinks Linux is a rockband? 

The product information is already in a database or it's going to be data 
entry work? 

The site is to be based on the standard demo, or will be provided with a 
completely new design? 

The site needs online creditcard authorisation with a psp for which no 
module exists yet, or it's just a matter of e-mailing the order? 

Just setting up a working Interchange is something that can be done in 1-2 
hours by an experienced IC consultant (considering the server does not take 
3 days to compile something like mysql). From thereon it's up to whatever 
you want it to be. 



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