[ic] Authorize.net problem with 5.2

Bob Puff bob at nleaudio.com
Tue Mar 28 11:10:34 EST 2006

Hey Gang,

One of my 5.2 carts stopped working with Authorize.net starting 03/15.  The logs 
show: NkffEDuf: - [15/March/2006:23:04:43 -0500] store /c
gi-bin/store/process Safe: Real-time charge failed. Reason: Authorizenet error:
This transaction cannot be accepted.. Please call in your order or try again.
 >               die errmsg(
 >                               "Real-time charge failed. Reason: %s\n",
 >                               errmsg($Session->{cybercash_error}),
 >                       );

The website shows basically the same message.  We checked with authorize.net, 
and they say nothing is wrong with the account, but wanted to know what the 
error number was that was returned.  Is there another log file that shows this 
error number?  Has anyone else had a problem recently?


Relevant info from products/variable.txt:
MV_PAYMENT_HOST secure.authorize.net    Payment
MV_PAYMENT_PARTNER              Payment
MV_PAYMENT_ID   (id #)      Payment
MV_PAYMENT_MODE authorizenet    Payment
MV_PAYMENT_SECRET       (password)    Payment

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