[ic] Still need help on setting encryption

music at labyrinth.net.au music at labyrinth.net.au
Wed Mar 29 02:56:52 EST 2006

>I have read all I can find on setting up gnupg keys for credit cards but am 
>still unable to make it work.  I have attempted to upload the pubring and 
>also tried pasting the armor file in the pgp set up page. Some of you keep 
>telling me to point the GNUPGHOME environment variable to it (preferably in 
>the init/wrapper script for Interchange):  which is all well and good 
>except where do you find GNUPGHOME variable  or environment and where is 
>the init/wrapper.   Have put the path in variable Encryption, set the 
>public key in PGP_KEY but get with both I get an error  inappropriate ioctl 
>for device. Clear those and no error but no encryption either.    I just 
>need some information that a dumb novice can understand on setting up the 
>gnupg public key to work with Interchange Credit Card processing.  I set 
>the pubring.gpg in what I thought was the home directory but obviously I 
>don't even know where that is.  Before public_html , after public_html, in 
>/cart    or /cgi-bin none seem to be where the program is looking.

I would try:

#su interch (The user that interchange is running as)

#gpg --import [Filename]   (Text file containing the public_key)

#gpg --list-keys   (List all keys installed for interch user to see if the 
key was added)

#echo test | /usr/bin/gpg --always-trust -e -a -r 'orders at mysite.com' 
(email address associated with this key - run this to test GnuPG install)

If all good move to the UI and select the public key under Admin/Encryption.

Or manually add to catalog.cfg:
EncryptKey #########

(where ######## is the encrypt key you see when you run #gpg --list-keys
Choose the value listed for 'pub')

Also the e-mail address for orders in variables.txt should be the same as 
the e-mail assocated with the key.

Re-start IC and test.

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