[ic] Re: [interchange-cvs] interchange - docelic modified 5 files

Davor Ocelic docelic at mail.inet.hr
Wed Mar 29 13:39:18 EST 2006

> These docs on
> the rtfm site are much more useful.

Dear Andreas,

The docs on the RTFM site are exactly the same documents that we have
on www.icdevgroup.org site, under "DOCS - Old Interchange documentation".
They are mentioned even before the new xmldocs docs. (And yes, it also
says there that the new xmldocs are ALPHA quality).

The page where this is written is the "docs" link:


It's available from multiple one-click places and you can't find an excuse
for overlooking it.

Not to be biased in any way, rtfm site does offer some selection of 
interesting mailing list posts, custom usertags and other goodies that
I don't need to name one by one here.

But the question that intrigues me, is why did rtfm owner (Kevin)
build a shrine out of his site, instead of contributing those useful
bits to the standard icdevgroup documentation. And I mean the standard
documentation - the one that was around even before I joined icdevgroup.

Anyway, replying your emails crafted with a certain agenda is just 
a waste of my time.

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