[ic] Re: WYSIWYG Editor FCK

Jeff Boes jeff at endpoint.com
Wed Mar 29 14:52:17 EST 2006

Stefan Hornburg wrote:
> L. Knaven wrote:
>> Hi,
>> For example:
>> I want to use the WYSIWYG editor for several fields. With HTMLarea thats
>> not a problem. With FCK editor it does not work. I have seen other CMS
>> using FCK for several fields, so it should be possible.
> Yes, there is currently a limitation due to the code used for the
> htmlarea widget/fckeditor flavour.

I may have a solution for this:

The original code (fck.widget) initialized the Javascript object by
attaching a "window.onload" event as it encountered the fck widget. But
that meant each widget's init code
overwrote the last one, and only the last fck widget on the page would

I fixed this (for Firefox) by using "window.addEventListener", but that
is not supported under IE. I fixed it for IE by saving up a list of fck
objects, and using "window.onload" (for IE only) to initialize them in a

The changes made to fck.widget should make their way into the IC core at
some point, but I don't know when. If anyone needs them now and is
willing to take my code in its current state, just contact me.

Jeffery Boes  <><
jeff at endpoint.com

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