[ic] Re: "High traffic list" - ramblings on Interchange

Toni Mueller support-ic at oeko.net
Wed Mar 29 17:25:58 EST 2006

Hello Ron,

On Thu, 16.03.2006 at 06:37:56 -0800, Ron Phipps <rphipps at reliant-solutions.com> wrote:
> I challenge you to find another open development platform that can do
> what IC can do.  If you need a list of things I've needed IC to do for
> clients I'd be happy to post them.

I'm very interested in this list of yours.

While I learned a lot about hidden virtues in Interchange I'm eager to
explore, I also suggest that you don't waste your time looking down on
the common PHP stuff, but instead look up to what other application
servers can do (now that Interchange wants to be in that league).
Especially, those Zope things come to mind...


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