[ic] Sales Tax empty until receipt

Mark bmhtdev at adeux.net
Thu Mar 30 11:22:04 EST 2006


IC 5.5.0-200602190658
Postgres 8.0.7
Apache 2.0.54


Tax set to UK  Tax type VAT, based on country.  Set using the instructions
'Interchange UK Setup Howto' posted at www.webmant.net.


[salestax] tag displays 0, so the cart shows no VAT to be paid until the
display of the final receipt after checkout, where the correct amount of VAT
is added.  If you maintain the same session after checking out and the
display of the receipt than the [salestax] tag works as I expected.

I have tried to get it working by:

1. adding the MV_COUNTRY_TAX_VAR to the variables table with the setting UK,
but that does not appear to have any affect.

2. setting TaxInclusive 1 in catalog.cfg 

Ideally I want to include the tiny cart on each page, showing a VAT summary.


How do I get the multi type tax showing VAT before check up.



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