[ic] Re: [interchange-docs]http://www.icdevgroup.org/xmldocs/iccattut/MinimalCatalog.html

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Fri Mar 31 22:26:09 EST 2006

"William O. Yates" <hackware at tru2life.net> wrote:
> on the point of posting to docs, how to you expect any help with docs, if you keep things
> all locked up...?   do you expect us to only use the interchage-users list...?
I think the docs list is about to be opened up.  It's original use was
not for docs discussions, but for docs-specific CVS commit notices.
It's only recently that a few discussion threads have popped up in there.

Perhaps we could start a new (public) "interchange-docs" mail list for
documentation discussion and submissions, and keep the current "docs"
list for CVS commit notices only (no posting, and the "Reply-To" header
set to direct followups to interchange-docs).

The interchange-users list will suffice as a public docs discussion area
in the mean time.

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