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Frank Reitzenstein frank at goldissue.com
Fri Nov 3 22:27:14 EST 2006

Kevin Walsh wrote:
> Frank Reitzenstein <frank at goldissue.com> wrote:
>> I have been collecting customers credit card details from my shopping
>> cart the last 6 months.
>> I have then gone to paypal and completed the order. This has been great
>> as my sales have increased steadily. I am turning over more than USD120
>> a week and increasing.  
>> Anyway paypal jumped on me today, and told me not to collect credit
>> card details and process customer's accounts manually. 
>> I remember reading that a merchant gateway pays once one turns over
>> $300 a week. In my case as a reseller I only take 10%.
>> Has anyone got any suggestions for a cheap way to collect money until
>> my business truly flourishes? 
> Manual processing of collected card details is fine as long as the
> details are collected and stored securely, and then deleted when no
> longer required.
> GnuPG/PGP encryption is best for that sort of thing, as long as the
> decryption key is kept secure.  You will be jumped upon from a great
> height if you do anything insecurely, such as storing card details in
> the clear.
> If you were in North America, you could probably use the PayPal "Pro"
> gateway to process card payments.  You're in Australia, I see, so that
> option might be closed to you at this time.
> You will find a list of payment modules, along with setup and usage
> instructions, on the following page:
>     http://www.interchange.rtfm.info/downloads/payments.html
> Modules to support other synchronous payment gateways can be written,
> and you might even find that someone has written a gateway that works
> with your chosen service already.
> You could also look at bureau services, and anyone who will provide you
> with a web-based payment submission form for manual processing.  The
> comments about card detail security still apply, of course.
Hello Kevin,

I have been using Interchange with PGP, and recovering the credit card
info from emails. If I explained that to PayPal are you saying that they
might be agreeable?

This what they said:

"We have reason to believe you are opening PayPal accounts for your 
buyers, or allowing buyers to open their accounts from a central 
location. Creating accounts for buyers, or allowing them to open 
accounts from a central location, opens yourself up to the risk of being
liable if the buyers account ever engages in any future fraudulent 

We ask that you refrain from using PayPal in this manner. We appreciate 
your cooperation in this matter."

Yes I'll try your site.



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