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Frank Reitzenstein frank at goldissue.com
Sat Nov 4 05:27:32 EST 2006

Kevin Walsh wrote:
> Frank Reitzenstein <frank at goldissue.com> wrote:
>> I have been using Interchange with PGP, and recovering the credit card
>> info from emails. If I explained that to PayPal are you saying that they
>> might be agreeable?
> They might.  I'd still recommend that you find a provider who will
> rent you a fit-for-purpose payment submission terminal (virtual
> or physical), rather than continuing to use PayPal in that way.
>> "We have reason to believe you are opening PayPal accounts for your 
>> buyers, or allowing buyers to open their accounts from a central 
>> location. Creating accounts for buyers, or allowing them to open 
>> accounts from a central location, opens yourself up to the risk of being
>> liable if the buyers account ever engages in any future fraudulent 
>> activity.
>> We ask that you refrain from using PayPal in this manner. We appreciate 
>> your cooperation in this matter."
> That looks like an automated message to me.  You probably tripped some
> sort of "maximum number of credit cards an ordinary person might have"
> limit.
Hello Kevin,

Thanks for your input again.

As I said in an earlier email, I managed to splice some code together so
that "Place Order" takes you to www.paypal.com with all the fields bar
credit card details loaded.

Also the "Payment For" (on the Paypal page) looks like this:

2 NF-131 L-Arginine Powder 1 lb 2 OL-004 Aller G Formula 25 75 caps 1
VA-053 Valeo Body Ball 55 centimeters

In other words it really gives almost all the info needed for me to keep
doing business until I get better organized (in spite of the interchange
cart being abandoned).

Currently I am paying $18 a month in PayPal fees for $512 in purchases.
Just in that twilight zone before starting to do well, I think this is a
handy tool. I might post the code on my site if anyone is interested,



http://www.goldissue.com Ecommerce Consulting

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