[ic] Barcode Tag for creating code128 barcodes

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Sun Nov 5 17:38:46 EST 2006

Marty Tennison <marty at sediva.com> wrote:
> Here is a tag that creates code128 barcodes.  Enjoy.
> =====================================================
> UserTag code128 Order label width height border scale font show_text 
> font_margin font_align transparent_text top_margin bottom_margin 
> left_margin right_margin padding mode
> UserTag code128 Interpolate
> UserTag code128 Routine <<EOR
> [snip]
Thanks for that.  I'll add it to the list on my RTFM website when I get
a moment.  I have a couple of minor suggestions for you:

Your various "||=" operators could be just "||".  For instance:

    $barcode->height($height ||= 40);

could be just:

    $barcode->height($height || 40);

Secondly, I'd return early, with an error message, if no $label
parameter has been provided.

Next, I'd use AddAttr and an $opt hashref instead of listing all of
the parameters on the Order line.  I'd keep $label in Order and use
the rest as, for instance, $opt->{width}.

Lastly, it'd be better to call chmod() instead of system("chmod").
Presumably you are calling the executable so that you can provide the
facility to specify the mode as a string like "a+rw".  I'd just make
the user provide a raw mode, such as 0666, and then pass the $mode as
an open() parameter.  You wouldn't want some muppet to get his giggles
by setting the mode to "; rm -r /path/to/ic".

Hopefully you'll take this as constructive feedback, Marty.  Thanks
for sharing.  I'm sure that lots of people will find your UserTag

Oh, the $path would be better defaulted to '.', rather than ''.
On second thoughts, a better default would be to use the ImageDir
directive's setting, like this:

    $path = $::Variable->{BARCODE_DIR} || $Vend::Cfg->{ImageDir};

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