[ic] How to determine cause of load spikes.

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Sun Nov 5 18:08:39 EST 2006

DB <DB at m-and-d.com> wrote:
> > Building a Swish-e index daily (or on demand) and searching on that,
> > could be the fix you need - depending upon the searches you perform,
> > of course.
> >
> Thanks - it looks like Swish-e can index a collection of text files and
> then quickly do searches on that index. I'm not sure how I can use
> Swish-e to index my database's products table? Can anyone provide a
> conceptual overview or point me to some docs?
The RTFM website doesn't contain any static pages.  Actually, it
contains hardly any pages at all.  Most pages are are built from
data selected from a MySQL database, and are displayed by a single

Swish-e can handle this sort of thing easily enough.  All you need to
do is build a spider that loops through your products table to feed
the index builder.

Alternatively, you could spider your website a more "traditional"
manner, using code such as the following:


I find it better to work with the raw data, rather than the rendered
page text, so that only specific text is indexed - not the whole page
and its template etc.  I find that this approach provides better quality
search results.

The Swish-e documentation and examples are very useful.

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