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Thu Nov 9 06:36:55 EST 2006

Lynette Burrows writes: 

> I am new to the Interchange shopping cart and I am totally confused. 
> I know basic HTML and some CSS.  I do not know perl. 
> Is there an Interchange tutorial in very simple, plain English that tells 
> me step-by-step how to modify this store? 
> For example,  I cannot find the welcome page to be able to put MY welcome 
> statement in place of the Interchange statement. 
> That's an easy place to start explaining what I don't understand about 
> this cart.  There are many things I'd like to know about it. 
> Do I have to learn perl or some other programming language. 
> Thanks for your assistance. 
> Lynette

Hi Lynette, 

Browsing docs on
www.icdevgroup.org   and

are the best places to find information to read. 

For questions this mailinglist is also very helpfull ... 

Are you using the Interchange Admin pages to maintain your site, or are you 
also working on the site from commandline access?  The second can be making 
things go faster sometimes. 

The answer to your question:
The standard site you have installed is created with the idea of easy 
localisation. So if you look in the page for the welcome text it is in 
between Interchange Tag marks: 

[L INDEX_PAR1]  .... [/L] 

The INDEX_PAR1 is the id of this text and is found in the locale table. 

So if you want to change this text through the Admin you have to click:
Tables -> locale.txt   (somewhere in the bottom)
search for INDEX_PAR1  and change the text ... 

Another option is to just remove [L] [/L]  from around this text on your 
index.html page  and it will take the text shown there ... Only do this if 
you know you will never localise your site. 

index.html is found under the Content tab in the Admin. 

Hope this helps getting you started. 



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