[ic] Need help setting up my store

ic at 3edge.com ic at 3edge.com
Thu Nov 9 06:37:43 EST 2006

Lynette Burrows writes: 

> I am new to the Interchange shopping cart and I am totally confused. 
> I know basic HTML and some CSS.  I do not know perl. 
> Is there an Interchange tutorial in very simple, plain English that tells 
> me step-by-step how to modify this store? 
> For example,  I cannot find the welcome page to be able to put MY welcome 
> statement in place of the Interchange statement. 
> That's an easy place to start explaining what I don't understand about 
> this cart.  There are many things I'd like to know about it. 
> Do I have to learn perl or some other programming language. 
> Thanks for your assistance. 
> Lynette

Oh and if you make changes to the locale.txt file you most likely have to 
click 'Apply Changes' to have this take effect. 



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