[ic] IC and mysql 5.0 prepared statements?

Daniel Davenport DDavenport at newagedigital.com
Thu Nov 9 14:25:31 EST 2006

One of our servers runs mysql 5.0.22.  I'm trying to use some of the
newer features, such as stored procedures, to simplify the code in the
IC pages.  When I try to call a procedure i created, though, i get an
error much like the following in the error log: M78GIHNB: - [09/November/2006:10:19:43 -0500] store_name
/cgi-bin/store_name/pagename.html Safe: DBD::mysql::st execute failed:
PROCEDURE db_name.procedure_name can't return a result set in the given
context at (tag 'perl') line 24.

mysql's docs suggest that the problem is that the CLIENT_MULTI_RESULTS
flag isn't set at connection time.  How do i tell IC to set it?  It's
apparently a flag from mysql's C libs, so even if i could find the place
to set it, i presume it's called something different in perl...

Daniel Davenport
New Age Digital

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