[ic] editting tables without keys in admin

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Sun Nov 12 18:21:57 EST 2006

On 11/12/2006 02:39 PM, Tom Friedel - Ready Ink Incorporated wrote:
> I have a table that has no keys.  The word 'key' is not in
> dbconf/mysql/xxx.mysql file.  When I try to insert an items it shows a
> default value in field 1.  When I delete an item it references the
> deleted item by the first field.  More importantly, items get deleted or
> randomly changed doing normal inserts.  Is this a known issue?  I
> believe it is version 5.2,

There are two ways around this that I know of.  The easy way is to
redefine the table with an added code column, it won't hurt anything and
will give IC the key it needs to be able to index the table with.

The other way is to define a composite key of two or more fields.  If
you know that between two or three fields you will have a cumulatively
unique value then you can go this approach.  See
for more info.


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