[ic] login problem

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Thu Nov 16 17:08:32 EST 2006

On 11/16/2006 01:41 PM, Georg Brugger wrote:
> I had my shop, based on ic 5.2 up an running fine. Now I changed the name of
> a column in the userdb MySQL table.

What column did you change, what did you change it to?

> Now, when I try to login it jumpes back to index.html instead of going to
> login_success.html.

Any error messages in the logs?

> I am using the login.html from the foundation shop and
> also the userdb table is very similar to the foundation shop one.
> Question: do I need to reconfigure something else too when changing the name
> of a column?

Well, you can't just go changing column names and expect parts of the
Foundation demo that rely on that data to still work.  You need to find
every place that relied on the old column name and change it to the new.


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