[ic] Form seach on other tables than Products

N.E.S.T. Solutions nest_consulting at yahoo.ca
Sun Nov 19 18:11:53 EST 2006

> "N.E.S.T. Solutions" <nest_consulting at yahoo.ca> wrote:
> > The problem seems to be when I use
> > form action="[area search]" with fi=distributors table, it gives me 
> > this error, even though I specify another table which doesn't 
> > have an "inactive" column:
> > 
> > DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Unknown
> > column 'inactive' in 'where clause' at 
> > /usr/local/spitfire-stores/lib/Vend/Table/DBI.pm line 1849.
> > 
> I suspect that you probably have the following somewhere in your
> configuration:
>     Database  distributors  HIDE_FIELD   inactive
> If you don't have an "inactive" column then the error message 
> would seem reasonable.
> You probably copied the "products" Database directives to 
> create a new "distributors" table definition, and didn't 
> remove the HIDE_FIELD.
> Kevin Walsh

I actually built 2 tables from scratch with a complete and unique 
set of columns in each for the task I have to accomplish.

distributors table & zipcanada table

Then I just wanted to pull records from those tables, based on 
FORM search or other types of searches built into the pages.

My problem is actually solved now, what I had done wrong was the 
way I was using the form values, probably cause I didn't understand 
how IC was using them once the submit has been done.

Thanks to RTFM, I found my answers. Awesome doc you have there Kevin, 
it's really nice and easy to read.

I had to do some poking around, I thought I could use the value name 
like this: [myvalue]  in a SQL query. Turns out it works with [value
Is there a better way to do this?

Could it be something to add somewhere in the doc?

Thanks Kevin, I will also have a look at the HIDE_FIELD line, I didn't
about it. Probably will help me out at some point ;o)

Martin H.

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