[ic] LOst Newbie requires map!

G. David Sword gdsword at williamsword.co.uk
Wed Nov 22 09:25:13 EST 2006

Steve Graham wrote:
>> So, some questions:
>> 1   How do I get changes made in the system to show up on the web site?
>> 2   Is there an overview / idiot's guide somewhere to constructing 
>> sites using Interchange?
>> 3   Is anybody using it in the UK, and if so what payment gateways 
>> have proved to be good.
>> Thanks for any pointers you can give.
> Snip from on-line demo (You can modify the on-line demo BTW)
>   <td>
>     <h1>Welcome to the Interchange Standard Store!</h1>
>     <p><br>This site is intended to get you started building
>     your own e-business site. Replace the stock graphics, products,
>     and categories in this store to begin building your custom site.</p>
>     <p>Please note that any products purchased will not be delivered nor
>     will the customer be billed. Any products found on this site is to
>     be treated as fictional.
>     </p>[/L]
>     <p>[L]Take our[/L]
>                [page
>                        href=survey/standard
>                        form="survey_start=customer_satisfaction"
>                ][L]Customer Satisfaction Survey[/L]</A>.</p>
>   </td>
> </tr>
> Make sure you make your changes outside the [L] [/L] locale tags for 
> starters. You can read more on locale later...
> Once you make your changes ckick the ok, button then publish and your 
> changes should be seen.
OK, I get it now - I was making changes inside the Locale tags - I have 
found the locales table, and that makes some sense now.  Thanks.

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