[ic] authorizenet failure increments counter?

Bob Puff bob at nleaudio.com
Sun Nov 26 22:18:37 EST 2006

Hi Gang,

Just saw something strange tonight on a catalog running under 5.2.  There was a gap in the 
order numbers.  I looked at the error log, and saw this: eToPPpzf: - [26/November/2006:20:27:28 -0500] deli /c
gi-bin/deli/ord/finalize.html Safe: Real-time charge failed. Reason: Authorizene
t error: . Please call in your order or try again.
 >               die errmsg(
 >                               "Real-time charge failed. Reason: %s\n",
 >                               errmsg($Session->{cybercash_error}),
 >                       );
 > eToPPpzf: - [26/November/2006:20:27:28 -0500] deli /c
gi-bin/deli/ord/finalize.html Route log failed. eToPPpzf: - [26/November/2006:20:27:28 -0500] deli /c
gi-bin/deli/ord/finalize.html ERRORS on ORDER 20022:
 > Error during creation of order routing log:
 > Route log failed. at /usr/local/interchange/lib/Vend/Order.pm line 1997.

Obviously, someone entered a bad CC number, and it told them so.  But why did it increment 
the order number counter?  I thought this only happened on successful orders.

Also, should it have thrown off an error on Order.pm?


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